Dr Davide Zecchin

Exciting news for CMN research

Melanoma arising in people affected by CMN is very difficult to treat. Based on knowledge of the genetics of CMN a drug has been used recently to try to treat melanoma in children, with some good effects, but it is usually not strong enough to reverse the melanoma completely. Other drugs are therefore needed to…


A Message to all Members and Supporters

Dear Friends I do hope that during this difficult time you and your family are taking care and keeping well. Like other charities, our Trustees and members of staff, have had to make big adjustments over the last couple of weeks, yet with the aim of continuing to be there for you during these uncertain…


Covid-19 Statement

Statement from Professor V Kinsler “There should be no increased risk of Covid-19 to any individual from having Congenital Melanocytic Naevus on the skin. There is no scientific evidence that there is any problem with temperatures in anyone with CMN over and above that seen in those with normal skin.” If anyone has any concerns…