Positive photo study for teens with CMN in collaboration with University of the West of England in Bristol

Are you stuck at home? Bored of schoolwork? Want something positive to focus on?
Are you aged 14-17 years old and have visible CMN or numerous CMN either on your face and/or arms/hands?
Do you think having CMN can be a positive experience in some ways?
We want to hear about your experience as a young person with CMN.

Caring Matters Now have teamed up with researchers at the University of the West of England in Bristol to learn more about your experiences as a young person with CMN. We know that having CMN can be difficult at times, but we are interested in finding out if, and how, having CMN could affect young people’s lives in a positive way.  You can help to educate us in how information and support is given to other young people in the future.

All you have to do is find five photos of anything you feel shows positive aspects of having CMN (e.g. from photo albums, social media or photos that you have taken). Then Ella from the University of the West of England, who is running the project, will contact you and arrange to speak to you over Skype/Zoom. Ella will ask you questions about the photos you have chosen and how CMN has had a positive impact.

Meet Ella and hear what she has to say about the study and your participation, by clicking here and watching a short video.

You will receive a £10 shopping voucher if you take part in the study.

If you are interested in finding out more, or have any questions, please contact Ella Guest:
0117 32 87045