Adult CMN Clinic

Adult CMN Clinic

We are delighted to announce a new adult CMN Clinic in Guys’ and St Thomas’ Hospital. This clinic is open to any adult who is experiencing a new problem with their CMN. It is also possible to visit the adult clinic for tests to determine the genetic mutation responsible for your expression of CMN.

Transitions into adult services have traditionally been difficult for our members; moving from specialised care with Professor Kinsler and her team at GOSH or your local paediatric dermatologist who has learnt about CMN across many years and then stepping into a new sphere of adult health care where there can be little understanding of CMN. The new adult CMN clinic will allow for continued CMN expert-led medical care into adulthood, with a smooth transition from paediatrics into adult services.

The adult CMN clinic is part of the Mosaic Disorder (MD) Clinic which has been established by the Rare Disease Collaboration Network (RDCN) for patients who have a Mosaic Disorder, such as CMN. You can read more about what this means here.

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Referrals can be made by your GP or consultant, if you require any support in seeking a referral please do reach out to

Further information about RDCN-MDs

The overarching aims of the RDCN-MDs are in line with those for all RDCNs:

  • to increase knowledge and understanding of mosaic disorders
  • to progress research
  • to improve patient experience

The specific aims of the RDCN-MDs are:

  • to reduce mean time to first seeing a specialist
  • to reduce the number of trips to the specialist centre
  • to improve access to accurate clinical and genetic diagnosis
  • to improve transition from paediatric to adult services, and to provide new adult access to specialist opinion
  • to improve coordination of care between the RDCN and local hospitals