Jodi Whitehouse

Founder & CEO

Jodi founded Caring Matters Now with the support of her family and friends in 1997, after being asked by Dr Atherton to support others affected by CMN at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Jodi has CMN herself and therefore understands the impact living with CMN can have on an individual.

Caring Matters Now has grown from strength to strength over the years and Jodi sees it as a real blessing and privilege to be a part of the charity. Jodi has met some amazing people who are involved in the Caring Matters Now charity and she says it is with thanks to her family, friends, CMN trustees, CMN support contacts and Great Ormond Street Hospital that the charity is where it is today.

Over the years Jodi has developed the charity and in 2012 she became the CEO of Caring Matters Now. As CEO Jodi is committed to overseeing the management of the charity, strategically developing the charity, seeking new opportunities to raise funds for CMN research and developing Caring Matters Now support internationally.

Lucy Hardwidge

Support and Communications Officer

Lucy has been involved with Caring Matters Now since the birth of her daughter Fay in 2005. Fay was born with a large bathing trunk CMN.

Initially Lucy supported the charity through fundraising and raising awareness in the local media. In 2007 Lucy joined the Board of Trustees and took on a more active role within the charity by managing the day-to-day developments.

In 2018 Lucy became an employed member of staff, as the Support and Communications Officer. Lucy oversees the implementation of the support strategy, and ensures the charity is communicating in a professional manor with all members, supporters, the medical profession and the general public.

Lisa Sly

Finance and Office Administrator

Lisa is based in Cambridge with her husband and three children. She first became involved in Caring Matters Now through supporting Lucy in her fundraising efforts for the charity.

Lisa has qualifications in bookkeeping and accounts, and is passionate to use her skills and qualifications to enhance the work of Caring Matters Now. In 2018 Lisa became an employed member of staff as the Finance and Office Administrator. Lisa oversees the administration of all charity finances and manages office administrational tasks, enabling Caring Matters Now to better support those affected by CMN and fund the pioneering research.