Our 3-year strategy plan ensures all work carried out is to achieve our three main aims of support, research and awareness.

Our support strategy

To help improve the quality of life of those affected by CMN through:

Immediate Support
  • To offer face-to-face support
  • To offer regular contact by phone / email
  • To support the arrangement of consultation appointment at the CMN clinic
  • To connect members with one another
  • Distribute support packs to new members
Long-term Support
  • To hold an annual support conference in the UK
  • To hold regional support gatherings across the UK
  • To develop our charity support contact structure
  • To offer and continually develop a library of support literature materials
  • To offer annual psychosocial workshops and projects
  • To report regularly on research developments and findings
Critical Care
  • To offer emergency support visits
  • To organise and fund memory trips
  • To offer specialised bereavement support

Our research strategy

To advance the pioneering CMN research to ultimately find a cure through:

  • Fund CMN research projects
  • Fund CMN research staff
  • Fund Caring Matters Now Research Fellowships at the Institute of Child Health
  • Recruit members to participate in CMN research at Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Seek external funding grants for the CMN research

Our awareness strategy

To raise national and international awareness of CMN through:

  • Present the work of Caring Matters Now at UK medical conference
  • Distribute the CMN medical booklet to those working within the medical profession
  • Engage with media outlets to showcase the work of Caring Matters Now
  • To use social media platforms to showcase the work of Caring Matters Now
  • Develop partnerships with international CMN organisations
  • To implement special one-off awareness projects