Corrine Sinclair

Corrine first came across Caring Matters Now in 2018 when a family friend gave birth to a baby born with CMN. Corrine saw firsthand the overwhelming impact this had on the whole family, including the natural fears and anxieties concerning the future wellbeing of their child. Being incredibly impressed by the level of practical care and emotional support Caring Matters Now provided to the family, Corrine was determined to do whatever she could to help raise the profile of Caring Matters Now and raise funds to advance the CMN research, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure. With the research already well-advanced, Corrine knows there are real grounds for optimism.

Corrine has an accountancy background and has worked in the business sector for most of her adult life, holding directorships in a number of companies. Alongside her professional career, Corrine has raised two sons and is thrilled at the prospect of the arrival of her first grandchild.

Since 2018 Corrine and her husband have supported the advancement of the CMN research, as well as helping the charity to raise its profile within the corporate sector and celebrity world. Corrine has organically become an ambassador of Caring Matters Now and therefore in 2021 the Board of Trustees invited Corrine to become the charity’s first ever patron. As a charity patron, Corrine will continue to raise the charity’s profile and network on the charity’s behalf within the corporate sector and high-profile arenas.

Corrine considers her role as a patron of Caring Matters Now to be both an honour and a privilege.