Surgical Support

Caring Matters Now provides support to all members, whether you are on a journey of considering treatment or removal and, whether you have visible CMN or not!  There are many factors which may influence the choice to remove or treat CMN, every CMN is different meaning that this is a unique decision for every member.

We want to provide an open forum of support for our members to help you make an informed choice. We work closely with Professor Kinsler and her medical team, and therefore able to signpost members to accurate information about treatment options.  We are also gathering data on consultants across the UK who are treating adults with CMN, which we can share with our members. We may also be able to connect members to others who have had a similar types of treatment.  Please reach out to us for surgical support by emailing

We also have a volunteer Parent Contact Louise Lacy who is available to chat with you about the process and experiences of surgical treatment.

Louise Lacy

Louise Lacy is our Parent Contact

My name is Louise and I live in Surrey with my husband Hugo and my two children, James and Charlotte.

Charlotte was born in 2010 with a large scalp CMN and we have been part of the Caring Matters Now charity since she was six months old.  Just before she was two, Charlotte underwent a part-removal (and skin graft) of the main CMN from the side of her face. The surgery took place at Great Ormond Street Hospital and we have been very pleased with the results.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or you’d just like some friendly support.

You can contact me by emailing

Personal Experiences

Katy has CMN on the back of her right knee. At 18 months old, Katy had laser treatment to remove her CMN.  Soon after the surgery, Katy’s CMN started to grow back. Since then, Katy has had a range of treatments to help with associated problems, such as itchiness and cysts on the CMN. To read Katy’s surgical experiences, please click here.