Adult Community

Caring Matters Now is committed to supporting all those affected by Congenital Melanocytic Naevi. In recent years, Caring Matters Now has been expanded our dedicated support for adults affected by CMN. Below are the areas in which we as a charity aims to support our adult membership:

Arenas for meeting others affected by CMN

  • Adult Gathering
  • Online community
  • Social media forum
  • Support Days

Opportunities to receive medical advice directly from Professor Kinsler

  • Adult Gathering
  • Support Days
  • CMN medical booklet
  • Urgent advice
  • Conference

To receive CMN research updates

  • Adult Gathering
  • CMN newsletter
  • CMN website
  • Conference

Support on how to handle every day issues relating to CMN

  • Support Literature
  • Learning from one-another
  • Psychologist support

We have a dedicated adult support contact, Gemma Whyatt, who is happy to chat with our adult members, share experiences and answer any questions you may have regarding living with CMN. You can contact Gemma by email: [email protected].

You can read more about the adult support we offer by clicking here.