Val Unsworth

Val Unsworth (Chair of Trustees)

Val took up the role of Chair of Trustees in 2012 but she has been involved in Caring Matters Now right from the beginning, supporting Jodi (who is her daughter!) in the founding of the charity. Across the years she has continued to be actively involved and has been amazed to see it develop and grow to what it is today.

When Jodi was born little was known about CMN and there was no support whatsoever available. Val is now very glad that through Caring Matters Now, not only is there appropriate and sensitive support available for families today, but also much is now known about CMN, thanks to the tireless work of
Dr. Kinsler.

When Jodi was born it was traumatic and continued to be so for a number of years, but now, looking back across more than thirty years, Val acknowledges how it has shaped their lives for the common good, and counts it a huge privilege to be part of the Caring Matters Now family.

Val began her career as a teacher of children with special needs but since has become a qualified counsellor and currently works at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, supporting bereaved families.

Ian Chance (Treasurer)

Ian and his wife Michelle live in South East London and have been involved with the Charity since 2010, initially attending the family days with their son Alexander and daughter Jasmin who was born with a large CMN on her face, covering her right cheek and nose. Jasmin was referred to plastic surgeon Mr Bulstrode at Great Ormond Street Hospital at the age of one and began a series of six successful surgical procedures (four serial excisions & two skin grafts) over a four year period to reduce the size of the CMN.

In 2011 Michelle became the CMN support contact for the London area and in 2013 Ian was asked if he would become a Trustee for the Charity. For his day job, Ian works in fraud investigation & risk management, previously for the City of London Police Fraud Squad and Serious Fraud Office (SFO), and more recently for the Enforcement & Market Oversight Department at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in London. Ian’s financial skills and expertise in the criminal & regulatory environment equip him well for the role of Treasurer and Trustee.

In December 2015 Ian confirmed his acceptance to becoming the Treasurer for Caring Matters Now. Ian’s role oversees the Charity’s Financial Sub-Committee and he is responsible for the Finance & Risk Policies & Procedures. Ian is ably supported by the charity’s Finance & Office Administrator, Lisa Sly.

Jodi Whitehouse (CEO)

Jodi founded Caring Matters Now with the support of her family and friends in 1997, after being asked by Dr Atherton to support others affected by CMN at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Jodi has CMN herself and therefore understands the impact living with CMN can have on an individual. Caring Matters Now has grown from strength to strength over the years and Jodi sees it as a real blessing and privilege to be a part of the charity. Jodi has met some amazing people who are involved in the Caring Matters Now charity and she says it is with thanks to her family, friends, CMN trustees, CMN support contacts and Great Ormond Street Hospital that the charity is where it is today. Over the years Jodi has developed the charity as Chair of trustees and in 2012 she became the CEO of Caring Matters Now. As CEO Jodi is committed to developing the charity in a number of ways. Jodi is focused on developing the support offered to the CMN members, seeking new opportunities to raise funds for CMN research and developing Caring Matters Now support internationally.

Ruth Gold

Ruth Gold

Ruth lives in north London with her husband Matt, their daughter Sophie who was born with CMN in 2017, and Sophie’s little brother Liam. Sophie’s CMN and the extent of it was a shock to the whole family. Val, Lucy and Jodi from Caring Matters Now provided support for Ruth at what was a very difficult time and friendships have developed from that point. It felt like a major milestone for Ruth to take part in the charity’s Hadrian’s Wall fundraising trek when Sophie was 9 months old.

Ruth works as an Assistant Editor at Sky News and was happy to help Caring Matters Now with the media coverage for the fantastic ‘How Do You C Me Now?’ exhibition in 2019. Ruth and Matt are aware that Sophie is still young and look forward to seeing her grow alongside the charity as it goes from strength to strength.

Anne Macintyre

Anne became involved with Caring Matters Now in 2001 when her daughter Erin was born with CMN.

They attended the Liverpool family day when Erin was only two months old this was where they met Jodi and became part of the support group. Anne found the group to be a great support through the difficult times, and it was then that she decided to give something back to the group and initially became a support contact for Scotland offering help and support to families in the local area. Following great strides Anne then agreed to became a trustee of the charity and joined the board in 2007.

Anne has been employed by the Department for Work and Pensions for the past 27 years working within the Fraud Investigation Service.

Bronagh Cleland

Bronagh lives in Ireland with her husband Adam and their 4 young children.Bronagh’s youngest little boy has CMN and the family have been actively involved in the work of Caring Matters Now for the past 3 years. Bronagh is our Ireland support contact and organises the support gatherings in Dublin and will be responsible for our Irish members of Caring Matters Now and helping us to establish our support group in Ireland. Bronagh and Adam also support our fundraising efforts and in 2014 they both attended our charity dinner dance in London along with 8 friends. As a charity we want to ensure every corner of the UK is covered with an excellent support structure. Therefore, we invited Bronagh to join the board of trustees as we work together to develop support and awareness across Ireland.

Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson

Rob lives in East Sussex with his wife Diane and two grown up children, Katy and Danny. Katy has CMN and the family have been involved in the work of Caring Matters Now for many years. The whole family took part in the CMN sky dive in March 2014 and they also attended the CMN charity dinner dance in September 2014. Rob has expressed a desire to be more actively involved in the work of Caring Matters Now, especially in helping the charity to develop corporate support. Rob & Diane run a financial business, so their knowledge of the ‘corporate world’ will help the charity to gain more support from big organisations. The CMN trustees believe Rob will be a great addition to the team, as he takes on the responsibility of gaining corporate partnerships for the charity.