Climb Mount Everest – at home!

Set yourself a lockdown challenge by climbing Mount Everest – at home! How? By climbing your stairs 3000+ times!

Whilst most of us are staying at home, why not put your time and energy into something positive that will not only keep you fit but will raise much-needed funds for Caring Matters Now.

How to take part:

  1. Choose to take on the challenge solo, as a family team or as a work team
  2. Decide the number of days you will aim to complete the challenge
  3. Set up a JustGiving online fundraising page and share it with your family and friends
  4. Register your Mount Everest Challenge here on our website
  5. Then go for it!

How to work out the number of times you need to climb your stairs:

Measure the height from the ground floor to the first floor and divide this by the height of Mount Everest (8,848m). For example; 8,848m (height of Mount Everest) divided by 2.65m (height from ground to first floor) = 3,339 climbs!

You can decide to divide up the number of climbs between your family members or your work team. Alternatively, for those of you who fancy to take on the challenge solo, decide the number of days you will aim to complete the challenge and go for it!

We’ve set the fundraising target at £300 per team or individual. Anyone who reaches this target and completes the challenge will receive a bespoke CMN medal.

For more information please email