Nevus Outreach Conference in Dallas

Over the past 12 months Caring Matters Now has been developing contact with Nevus Outreach, which is a US based support group for CMN. In November 2009 Mark Beckwith, the Executive Director of Nevus Outreach, attended our CMN Liverpool family day. He was so enthused having met our families and seen what our support group…

My story by Sheila Mackenzie

Sheila’s Story

I am an older mother; Eva was born when Colin and I were in our forties. She was the little girl we had waited for, for so long! I went into hospital on the eve of my birthday. The labour was long but little did I know that this procedure would go on through the…


Eva’s Story

My name’s Eva and I am 13 years old. I was born on the 14th May 2003, which is actually my mum’s birthday! My hobbies include; running, cycling, swimming, art, singing, drama, dance and guitar. I want to be an actress, singer and dancer when I am older but I would also like to be…