Ada's skin helps advance the CMN research

3-year-old Ada has 70% of her body covered in CMN mostly on her neck and back. Ada loves swimming and the sea, but needs to take extra precautions for her CMN which includes extra sun protection and wearing good clothing. Her CMN can also be very itchy and painful. When she was just 4 months old, she had surgery to remove some of the nodules from her back that were painful and debilitating. At that time, Ada’s parents decided to donate some of her skin cells to help advance the CMN research.

On hearing Professor Kinsler’s research breakthrough of developing a potential treatment in the lab to reverse CMN by utilising Ada’s skin cells, Ada’s mum said “Knowing there has been a huge step forward in the CMN research and there could be a chance of Ada’s CMN being reversed and possibly reducing Ada’s risk of developing melanoma, has blown our expectations out of the water.”

Prof Kinsler said “We are very grateful to our patients at Great Ormond Street Hospital, who have been actively participating over many years to help us produce this new potential therapy. After more studies, we hope the therapy can soon enter clinical trials in people.”

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Watch Ada’s Personal Story Film here.

Ada's skin helps advance the CMN research