Photographic Exhibition

Photographic Exhibition In 2019 Caring Matters Now launched a photographic series featuring 30 inspiring individuals affected by Congenital Melanocytic Naevi (CMN) from 5 continents, representing 13 countries. The series of images, entitled HOW DO YOU C ME NOW? were exhibited for 12 days in central London at the gallery@oxo, Oxo Tower Wharf. The project began in…



What a storm of media coverage we have experienced this week in preparation for the ‘HOW DO YOU C ME NOW?™’ exhibition launch.  Our coverage has gone worldwide, and the response has been phenomenal. SKY NEWS COVERAGE Link to the article on the Sky News website Link to another article on the Sky News website…


Alkin’s Story

Introducing Alkin Emirali Alkin is a screenwriter, director, lecturer and an established martial arts instructor.  He was born with a few prominent moles on his face that have proliferated throughout his life. He didn’t meet anyone else affected by CMN until his late thirties, when he connected with Caring Matters Now.  Alkin is one of…


Callum’s Story

Callum Callum is an easy going 17-year-old who lives in Gloucestershire.  Callum is studying to be a software developer, with a passion for mountain climbing, cycling and running.  Callum was born with CMN covering the whole of his right arm and hand, along with smaller CMN marks over the rest of his body. Callum grew…


Scarlett’s Story

Scarlett Scarlett is a mature, self-assured and friendly 13-year-old, currently living in a small community within the Cotswolds.  Scarlett is passionate about the Arts, a talented actress and dancer who has recently been signed to a London talent agency.  What sets Scarlett apart from her peers is her CMN, which covers the majority of her…



We are very excited to announce the confirmed press coverage schedule in the lead up to our ‘HOW DO YOU C ME NOW?™’ exhibition launch! Here is the planned schedule of TV, radio, and online coverage expected next week…. get ready to set your TV planners! Monday 11th March BBC Breakfast – 7.40am Live interview…


UK Exhibition Launch Details and Opening Times

The ‘HOW DO YOU C ME NOW?™’ photographic series features 30 children and adults born with Congenital Melanocytic Naevus (CMN), representing 13 countries on 5 continents. The uniquely striking series of images launches at the Oxo Tower London in March 2019, before touring globally. HOW DO YOU C ME NOW?™’ aims not only to improve…


Hope’s Story

2-year-old Hope travelled with her parents all the way from Australia to feature in the HOW DO YOU C ME NOW? exhibition series.  Here you can read Hope’s story, written by her incredible mum, Karyn.  Four years ago, Matt and I were excited at the prospect of meeting our baby.  Not sure if we were…


Aga’s Story

Agnieszka Pałyska Introducing you to Agnieszka Palyska, travelling from Poland to feature in the ‘HOW DO YOU C ME NOW?’ exhibition series. As you read Agnieszka’s inspirational story, you will understand why the Caring Matters Now Board of Trustees are so grateful to Agnieszka for her involvement in this very special and unique photographic series.…