Callum White

Callum is an easy going 17-year-old who lives in Gloucestershire.  Callum is studying to be a software developer, with a passion for mountain climbing, cycling and running.  Callum was born with CMN covering the whole of his right arm and hand, along with smaller CMN marks over the rest of his body.

Callum grew up being an active child which on occasion resulted in a few scrapes!  Due to his CMN condition, this would mean his skin broke more easier and needed bandaging more often.  As Callum became more aware of his CMN he would find it difficult to join new groups of friends.  Callum comments, “if anyone asked me about my CMN, I would say “it’s just a birthmark” and once children knew that, they just got on with it.”

Callum and his family have been actively involved with Caring Matters Now after initially being referred to the charity for support from Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Over the years, Callum and his family have attended many support days and raised a lot of money for the charity through various fundraising activities, including the three-peak challenge, Hadrian’s Wall and Callum’s dad conquering a mountain range in Ecuador as part of the charity’s 7 Challenges on 7 Continents quest!  Callum’s mum comments, “The motivation to participate in all the fundraising activities is because of the support that Callum and our whole family received from the charity when he was first born and continues to receive today.”

Reflecting on the support received, Callum comments, “The benefits of attending the support events is knowing you are not alone by meeting other with CMN.  Straight away, there is some common ground with those you meet.  It is nice to talk to others about their experiences and before you know it, you have made friends with people you have seen over many years at these events.

When asked about the ‘HOW DO YOU C ME NOW?’ exhibition series, Callum commented “I really enjoyed the experience of being photographed for the exhibition series.  It was liberating.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the exhibition at the Oxo Tower in March.”

For more information about the ‘HOW DO YOU C ME NOW?’ exhibition series please click here.