Scarlett Clarke

Scarlett is a mature, self-assured and friendly 13-year-old, currently living in a small community within the Cotswolds.  Scarlett is passionate about the Arts, a talented actress and dancer who has recently been signed to a London talent agency.  What sets Scarlett apart from her peers is her CMN, which covers the majority of her back and part of her stomach, as well as small CMN marks covering the rest of her body.  Scarlett states, “My CMN doesn’t and won’t hold me back.  I think having the visible difference makes me stand out more and people look at me more whilst competing.”

On the rare occasion when people comment or stare, only then Scarlett remembers she is visibly different.  This has in the past made her subject to unkind words.  Scarlett believes when people whisper and are not upfront it is harder to cope with, commenting, “Little children just ask and that makes things a little easier to deal with.”

Scarlett received her CMN diagnosis at a young age, and soon after her family attended a Caring Matters Now support event.  Some of the best advice Scarlett’s parents received from attending the support event was to never hide Scarlett away, but rather be proud of her.     With a strong desire to help other people, Scarlett and her family continued to be proactive within the Caring Matters Now community, so much so, both of Scarlett’s parents were on the Board of Trustees for a number of years.  

Scarlett’s advice to people with CMN is, “Everyone will look at you, that’s never going to stop.  Just smile at them and they will smile back.  It makes you feel better in yourself.  Don’t hide away your CMN.  Girls, start wearing bikinis on holiday when you are young, so when you are older it will be easy to wear what you want when you want.  Keep pushing yourself and eventually you will be proud of your CMN.”

When asked about Scarlett’s involvement in the ‘HOW DO YOU C ME NOW?’ exhibition series, Scarlett’s mum commented, “Being involved in the ‘HOW DO YOU C ME NOW? ‘ exhibition series has been incredible for Scarlett.  None of her peers have had an opportunity of participating in a professional photo shoot like this, and she thoroughly enjoyed it.”  Scarlett concluded, “I feel happy to be getting these opportunities that other people don’t have.  I take having CMN as a positive and not a negative and I would say to others with CMN “Be confident, be you, love the skin you’re in!”.” 

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