We are thrilled to announce Veronica Kinsler has been awarded an NIHR Professorship to continue to research targeted therapies for CMN and melanoma.  This is a hugely significant achievement as the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) is the major UK government fund for health research.  Its flagship grant is the NIHR Professorship, which funds the salary of key individuals in the NHS, as well as their research.  The grant is for 5 years and can only be obtained once.  It is highly competitive, with all areas of healthcare competing (cancers, mental health, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc).

This is fantastic news for Caring Matters Now members and supporters, as the award raises the profile of CMN nationally, and also part-funds the CMN research programme with the aim of targeting therapies for CMN and melanoma.

Statement from Professor Veronica Kinsler:

Caring Matters Now contributed directly to the success of this grant application by funding a post-doctoral position from 2018 for a period of 5 years and funding for research consumables (the costs of the experiments).  This key funding allowed the team to collect “preliminary data” – showing what the research team were proposing to do had a good chance of working.  The whole Kinsler team would like to thank Caring Matters Now for their incredible support and their help with this success.

More information can be found here.