In early 2018 an exciting global initiative called Naevus International was established.

This new and exciting international initiative involves a cross-disciplinary partnership between 5 important teams led by Dr Veronica Kinsler:

Patient support groups – led by Marjolein van Kessel
Doctors – led by Harper Price
Psychosocial professionals – led by Béatrice de Reviers
Scientists – led by Josep Malvehy
Communications experts – led by Jodi Whitehouse

The aims of Naevus International in the first 5 years (2018-2023) are:

1. To improve access to, and dissemination of, information about CMN, across and between groups of professionals, patients and families
2. To extend the international reach of those groups to include new members in different countries around the world.

We are encouraging all our Caring Matters Now members to join the Naevus International mailing list to receive global updates relating to CMN. You can join the mailing list here:

The first Naevus International Conference was held on 12th September 2018 in Paris.

This first annual conference brought together key members, to present the latest information about CMN and to exchange ideas on the best way to achieve the aims of NI. Interaction between audience and the leaders team was an important part of the day to get the best plans for NI going forward.

As NI is a new multi-disciplinary initiative, of the sort that has never previously been attempted for CMN, we spent this first conference setting out our aims, the aims of the component teams, and how we will achieve those aims over the coming years. It is important we all have an input, and all attendees were given this opportunity so that together we can make NI something which the members want and can use.

Please do visit the website of Naevus International for more information