As you are probably already aware, Jodi Unsworth is the original founder of Caring Matters Now back in 1996. Jodi, who was only 15 at the time and her parent’s took on the role of supporting other families affected by CMN.

Since then the support group has developed immensely and today has over 350 families registered and 11 UK support contacts in operation.

As the support group grows it brings new challenges and much additional work and having been made aware of some changes happening in Jodi’s work-life, we collectively thought this was a great opportunity for Jodi to increase her role within Caring Matters Now. Jodi’s employment as Chief Executive of Caring Matters Now will inevitably support the new stage of development and allow us to continue to strive to achieve the best for our CMN families.

All whom have met Jodi will know that she is passionate about Caring Matters Now and with her enthusiasm and strengths we can concentrate on developing areas such as International communication, raising awareness and support by speaking and presenting to large audiences, fundraising management and better developing our support strategy.

I am sure you will all join the Trustees in thanking Jodi and her family for all they have done and continue to do.

From Jodi

15 years on since the establishment of Caring Matters Now Support Group, and not in a million years did I ever think the charity would be where it is at today. It only feels like yesterday when I was sitting in Dr Atherton’s CMN clinic at Great Ormond Street Hospital with my parents in 1996, when he asked if we would be willing to talk to other CMN patients he was coming into contact with. When my parents and I gave Dr Atherton our telephone number, I never thought I would now be writing this small article announcing my employment within the charity!

It is overwhelming to see how, as I believe, God has truly blessed me over the years BECAUSE of my CMN and not in spite of my CMN. Being able to support so many families over the years has been nothing but a privilege and blessing to my family and I. I have seen the support group grow from strength to strength… far beyond what I had ever imagined, and this is because of the fantastic families, members and trustees we have supporting the charity.

As the support group now faces a new stage of development, nothing thrills me more than the opportunity to dedicate more time in helping the charity to reach its full potential in supporting our members, raising awareness of CMN and raising funds for the CMN research at GOSH.