Caring Matters Now
Caring Matters Now

Living with CMN or parenting a child with CMN can feel quite overwhelming and stir up a whole range of emotions such as fear, anxiety, and worry. As a charity, we want to support our members to reach their full potential and help them to develop key social and emotional life skills. Often this involves exploring how best to raise awareness within your community, whether that’s amongst peers in the classroom or colleagues in the workplace. With this support, our members can thrive in day-to-day life, educate others about visible differences, build self-esteem, reduce feelings of isolation, and prevent bullying or discrimination. Most often, our members come to us for support around a time of transition – moving schools or workplace, joining a new sports club, or meeting new people and forming close relationships. Maybe you’re wondering, ‘How do I tell my neighbours?’ ‘What can I do at the football club to educate other families?’ ‘How can I avoid the same conversations over and over again?’

We have two initiatives which will help you organically engage and educate your community about CMN.

  1. Our Coffee & Cake initiative is a fantastic tool for providing an ideal platform to raise awareness of CMN within your community. Not only does our Coffee and Cake event raise vital funds for further the work of Caring Matters Now, it also supports our members to talk confidently about CMN, building an educated and supportive network around them.
  2. We have created a pocket-sized CMN awareness card, which was a suggestion from our Baby & Toddler online community. This little card can be carried around with you and given to anyone who may ask you about CMN. The card provides a QR code which enables members of your community to find out more about CMN on our website. We have two card options; one for the person living with CMN and the other for a parent of a child living with CMN.

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