We are absolutely delighted to announce that Dr Veronica Kinsler has won the coveted Great Ormond Street Hospital 2015 Child and Family Award.

This award is given for a very special individual or team nominated by a patient, parent or carer, who is a great team member and is always welcoming, helpful and expert.

There were over 200 nominations received in this category. Dr Kinsler received more than 50 nominations, which is a record number. The panel, which was chaired by the Chief Executive and included staff and a parent representative, noted that many of the nominations spoke about the research Dr Kinsler is doing into CMN which provides patients and parents with reassurance that they are being treated by a world class specialist, and provides hope that there may be improved treatments – even a cure –in the future. But they also talked about Dr Kinsler as a person – her care and compassion, the respect she shows to families, and the personal dedication she demonstrates. The panel felt that Dr Kinsler was a very worthy winner of this year’s Child and Family Award.

A message from Dr Kinsler:
To all the children and families who nominated me for the GOSH child and family award,
I am overwhelmed by your nominations for this award. I cannot tell you adequately how much it means to me that you feel I am looking after you well, and that you can see that I am trying my best for you even when I can’t yet offer you treatments for this disease. Occasionally in Medicine there are true partnerships between patient groups and individual doctors, which are in fact largely based on mutual trust built up over many years, and as a result are often a highly successful and productive way to tackle disease. This is one such pairing, and this award is such a boost to me to know that overall we are proceeding in the right direction in this long haul, life’s work project of sorting out CMN.

With many thanks to you all

Veronica Kinsler

We are absolutely overjoyed to hear that Dr Kinsler has won this award. Jodi & I would like to thank those that voted, allowing Dr Kinsler to receive the recognition she deserves.