Bridlington Regional Gathering Review

‘Oh what a lovely day, the day we went to Bridlington’ …and so it turned out to be! The families came, the food was eaten, the sand sparkled, the sea was freezing but best of all the sun came out.

All week the Gollop family watched the weather forecast. A Beach Day in the rain just would not work. The little beach chalet might hold twelve people if we sat on each other’s knees but we were expecting at least thirty for the day.

The night before the weather promised at least to be dry and we were able to take over the beach hut that evening in order to prepare (thank you Bridlington Town Council!).

How much can you get in a beach hut? Buckets and spades, beach balls and bats, chairs and tables, all made their way down to the beach, not forgetting the CMN balloons to decorate the chalet. Early next morning, the Gollop children set off in advance to place the balloons strategically to show our visiting families where to find us.

It was grey and windy and the balloons soon got tangled up but in usual Gollop optimistic fashion, the children set out the chairs and the Gollop parents arrived with food to feed an army. Gradually the sun came out and our first family arrived. Then more came and the party began. Old friends, new friends, babies, toddlers, teenagers, parents, grannies and granddads, CMN families and other visitors (including Rosinha’s Brazilian and Polish guests with a handy electric barbecue); we packed the space and invaded next door territory, what a gathering.

As always, this was a time for the adults to talk and share experiences, hopes and fears and of course a time for the children to just enjoy themselves. Sand and water, what more do you want? Football on the beach, sandcastles and paddling; an English seaside day with enough sun to be thankful for.

Same time next year? We have already booked a larger chalet with a bit more play space. Hope to see you all again!

Sue Gollop (Granny Sue)
Rosinha & Nick Gollop (CMN Support Contacts for North East)

Bridlington Regional Gathering Review