Become a CMN hero - Monthly Giving

Caring Matters Now is an ever-growing charity! Each year our membership list continually grows, research continually develops and opportunities to raise awareness of CMN continually increases. As long as there is a demand for support, research and awareness, Caring Matters Now will continue to do all we can to fulfil these three main aims.

Since the formation of Caring Matters Now, the charity trustees have passionately worked towards ensuring all our support events, advice, literature materials, research information and publications are accessible free of charge to everyone. First and foremost, Caring Matters Now is a charity that offers support to those affected by CMN – and this should never come at a financial cost.

As the charity continues to develop each year, so do the demands for increasing our funds. Over the past 20 years, Caring Matters Now has functioned mainly on volunteer support and the generous donations received.

To sustain the support we offer, the research we fund and the awareness we raise, Caring Matters Now must raise a minimum of £100,000 every year. The CMN trustees are keen to increase our monthly giving to help us reach our annual fundraising target. Currently there is a handful of monthly donors whom we are very thankful for, as this form of giving provides the charity with sustainable regular income and enables the trustees to manage how funds are spent in a more strategical way. The CMN trustees would like to make this simple and easy form of giving a more prominent opportunity for all.

I would like to ask you to consider giving each month to Caring Matters Now. Any amount that you are able to give would help us immensely! £5, £10, £20…

You can set up your monthly donation by clicking here

Or you can email us and we can give you all the instructions to set up your monthly standing order directly from your bank account.

Alternatively, you can arrange a monthly donation to Caring Matters Now through your employer.  This option is a very easy, tax effective way to donate – it costs you less to give more! This option enables you to give to Caring Matters Now straight from your gross pay, before tax is deducted. Most companies offer this form of giving and you can register with your HR/Finance department within your company. For more information visit the Payroll Giving Centre website.

I once heard this quote:  “Anybody thought Somebody would do it, Somebody thought Everybody would do it, Everybody thought Anybody would do it, so eventually Nobody did it!”  Please don’t fall into this trap but instead decide that this year, you will become a CMN Hero by giving monthly to the work of Caring Matters Now.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jodi Whitehouse