This month we featured in an episode of ‘Appearance Matters: The Podcast!’ with the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR).
Bruna and Abbi from CAR asked: “what’s it like to be a young person with CMN?”

To help them answer this question, we joined the discussion alongside Dr Ella Guest, Ella is a Research Fellow from the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) who has been exploring the experiences of young people with CMN.
Representing the charity, the podcast includes Jodi the founder and CEO of Caring Matters Now, who has personal experience of CMN. Hannah the Support Pathway Co-ordinator who has a son who was born with CMN. And finally, Katy, who also has CMN and is the Young Adult Contact.
We were also joined by three young people with CMN – Becky, Scarlett and Dan – who share with us their personal experiences of the condition.

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Jodi Whitehouse
Hannah Cree
Dr Ella Guest
Abbi Mathews
Katy Jackson
Dan, Becky & Scarlett