Ryan’s Story

My story by Ryan (with a little help from mum) I was born on the 10th December 2003 with CMN and NCM. My birthmark covers my bum and I have hundreds of smaller moles all over my body. The moles on my brain also cause me to have learning disabilities and I also have ASD.…


Jasmin’s Story

As a teenager with CMN, I have been through a lot, including name calling and mimicking. My CMN is located on my nose and right cheek. I had my first of 6 operations at 8 months of age at Great Ormond Street Hospital, all performed by the wonderful Mr Bulstrode. I first attended a Caring…


Cheryl’s Story

Hello, my name is Cheryl and I was born with CMN all over my body. I did not have CMN on my face when I was born; they started to develop a few weeks after birth. Up until around 11 years old I was a happy child and people staring or asking me questions about…