Journey with us

In light of the recent CMN research breakthrough, we now have lots of work to do as we continue to partner with Prof. Veronica Kinsler.  As a charity we are aiming to raise £500,000 over the next 4 years. We are so close to finding a treatment for CMN; you can join us on our journey by following these two simple steps:

  1. Simply share our online fundraising campaign on your social media platforms.  Some of our members have already done this and we are seeing donations coming in from family and friends.  This is an easy way to join us on our journey.
  2. Set up a Regular Donation to Caring Matters Now UK which will help us to plan strategically, budget wisely and make our spending decisions with more confidence.

Please do join us on our journey!

Thank you for your partnership as we work together to support children and adults affected by CMN.