We are very excited to invite all our members to the first ever Caring Matters Now Conference, taking place 5th-7th July 2019 at the Liddington PGL Conference Centre.

Our weekend conference is going to be cram-packed full of activities which will cater for everyone! We have planned specific activities for our adult members, teens, children and parents, including lots of fun outdoor pursuit activities; psycho-social presentations and workshops; CMN research presentations including Q&A session with the CMN research team – and much more!

Take a look at the proposed schedule to get an idea of what we have planned!

Attending an event like this could potentially make a huge difference to a person’s self-esteem and confidence in dealing with a condition such as CMN. The activities planned would allow adult members, teens, children and parents to bond and in many cases, it is proven that long-term friendships develop and flourish.

Being given the opportunity to talk to someone who may have or is encountering the same experiences, whether positive or negative of living life with CMN benefits those affected immensely and prevents the feeling of isolation.

This weekend conference is not to be missed and we want to help all our members to attend. So, why not take advantage of our NEW YEAR SALE! Book before 18th January 2019 to receive a FREE place for the individual affected by CMN.– Caring Matters Now will cover the cost for each person affected by CMN to attend the conference if you book and pay your deposits before 18th January 2019. We hope this support will enable more members and families to attend.