Wow... what a week!

Just one week on from announcing the research breakthrough Prof. Veronica Kinsler has made, we have so much to celebrate; the impact, exposure and response from our community has been overwhelming…

Sky News Interview

On Monday 17th June, just as the news broke, Sky News invited Prof. Veronica Kinsler and Hannah Cree to be interviewed live at 2.45pm.  Prof. Kinsler and Hannah did an amazing job in explaining the research breakthrough and the impact this potential treatment would have on families affected by CMN.

BBC Breakfast Interview

On Tuesday 18th June, Jodi Whitehouse, alongside beautiful Ada and mum Rachelle were interviewed live on BBC Breakfast.  Rachelle explained the impact living with CMN has on her daughter Ada and what it would mean to have a CMN treatment available.  Jodi explained more about the research findings and how the work as only been possible with the support of Caring Matters Now.

Apple News

To top it off, we made it into the top 5 news items on Apple News – a big win!

More media coverage

We also received further exposure following the BBC Breakfast interview on BBC Morning Live and, we are currently speaking to further media outlets with more potential coverage coming in the following weeks.

Impact charity stats

Following the breaking news, we’ve been incredibly encouraged by:

  • 12 new families affected by CMN connecting with the charity
  • £5,000 donated in just 5 days on our Journey With Us fundraising campaign
  • 3 new fundraising events set up
  • 8 new monthly donors
  • 3 new friends of the charity registrations
  • 114 new fans and followers on our Facebook page
  • 62 new followers on Instagram
  • 547% increase in social media views compared to a usual week
  • 505% increase in social media engagement compared to a usual week
  • 297.4% increase in our charity website users compared to a usual week
  • 2.8K new website users – 312% increase compared to a usual week
  • 1.3K people used a search browser to find our charity website during the week

Huge thank you to everyone who has sent in encouraging messages of support, for sharing our news on your social media platforms, and donating to the work of the charity!

Get involved!

There is still time to join us on our journey; here are two simple ways:
Simply share our Journey With Us fundraising campaign on your social media platforms.
Set up a regular donation to Caring Matters Now which helps us to plan strategically and make our spending decisions with more confidence.