Share your story on Rare Disease Day, 28th February 2022

In conjunction with Rare Disease Day 2022, Caring Matters Now is partnering with CMN patient support groups across the world to raise global awareness of Congenital Melanocytic Naevus.
Our #shareyourstory campaign invites those affected by CMN to share their story of living with CMN to family and friends and the wider public through social media. Through personal stories shared, we can increase understanding about CMN on a global scale.

Are you affected by CMN? Or are you a parent caring for a child affected by CMN? Would you like to share your story on your social media platforms? If yes, here is how you can join in with our #shareyourstory campaign:

  1. Write your story – you can include as much or as little detail of your experiences of living with CMN as you like. You may choose to share facts about the condition to help educate the wider public about CMN. Medical facts can be found here.
  2. Download our #shareyourstory image template. There are 2 options to choose from, with one template giving you space to include an image of yourself or your family.
  3. Upload your story and image to your social media platforms on Rare Disease Day – 28th February 2022. If you tag Caring Matters Now to your post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we will share your story too. Use hashtags #shareyourstory #cmn #rarediseaseday #caringmattersnow
  4. Ask your social media followers to share your post if you would like your story to have a wider reach.

For more information, please email

If you would like your personal story to be uploaded to the Caring Matters Now website, please email