We have recently studied Vitamin D levels in 40 children with CMN.  This study showed us that 40% of the group had low Vitamin D levels and should therefore take a supplement. This is in fact the same pattern as is seen in the general UK population, so individuals with CMN are typical of what is known already in the UK.  However, it might be more important for people with CMN to make sure their Vitamin D levels are good than it is for the average person, because Vitamin D levels have been connected to some diseases including melanoma.  We conclude the paper by saying that all children with CMN should take a Vitamin D supplement throughout the winter months, which is in line with national guidelines for all children in the UK.  While we do not have data on adults with CMN we know from UK population studies that many adults are also usually low in Vitamin D and the same suggestion would therefore apply to adults.  Vitamin D supplements can be bought over the counter, and a Vitamin D test does not need to be done before taking them.

The link to the paper is here.