Online Gaming Community

A total of 10 online Community events were hosted between October 2023 and March 2024, including 3 Gaming events!

This group was attended by a group of young people with CMN and siblings, between the ages of 9-13 years, getting together for an hour of gaming each month! The group are well accustomed to Fortnite, which can be played cross platform. Our young members and siblings have taken ownership of this Online Community and have had the opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills as they assist the technical procedures involved in cross- platform gaming e.g. inviting members to our ‘Fortnite party’ and assisting the transitions to new games within Fortnite during the hour.

This community has given our members and siblings a chance to form organic relationships because of something they have in common, rather than the focus being on CMN itself!  Most nights, our members stayed online after the event was formally finished, continuing to play online together between events!

“Thank you so much for running the gaming sessions. It was great for our son to get to know others before the BIG Weekend.
Having seen some of the kids online beforehand made the face to face event a lot easier for our son.
He already knew a few faces so it wasn’t as daunting.  He’s now really happy to be attending his first teen event next month.“

 Parent to 12-year-old with CMN who has attended online and face to face events in 2023.

This community is currently hosted by Hannah Cree, our Head of Support, who has learnt a lot about Fortnite throughout the time together! We would love to recruit a volunteer who is tech savvy and has an interest in gaming, to help us to develop this community further. If you are interested in getting involved, please email

To register for our Gaming Community follow this link.