As a result of Jodi coming into the exciting post of Chief Executive for Caring Matters Now Support Group, she is now unable to continue being Chair of Trustees, which is the position Jodi has fulfilled since the support group was established. As I’m sure you are aware, the Chair of Trustees has the responsibility to oversee the development of the charity and to ensure the charity is fulfilling all its aims and ambitions. After much thought and consideration, we are very excited to announce our NEW Chair of trustees… Mrs Val Unsworth.

Val is Jodi’s mum and she has been a vital part in the establishment of Caring Matters Now. Both Jodi’s parents have supported the charity over many years and are overwhelmed by how the charity has grown from strength to strength.

Val has all the qualities and skills which will make her a great Chair of Trustees. Not only is Val a mum of a ‘child’ with CMN, so therefore knows the struggles parents face, but she is also a highly trained counsellor and has developed many support-orientated works within her professional capacity.

At present Val works for Salford Hope Hospital in a pastoral role and has recently helped to develop the support network for Caring Matters Now, by offering listening and counselling skills to all our CMN support contacts.

Val is very passionate about Caring Mattes Now as she has had first-hand experience of bring up her daughter with CMN and has also supported the charity in its establishment and development.

All the CMN trustees are very excited to have Val on board as Chair of Trustees and Jodi in a more prominent position. We are very much looking forward to working together as the charity steps into a new phase of development.

From Val

I have never forgotten the day, fifteen years ago, I was sitting alongside Jodi in a small room at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, having just come to the end of a consultation with Dr. Atherton. He then said to Jodi “I have something I want to ask you…..” Little did either of us realise the impact his question would have on the course of our lives!

On that day fifteen years ago Dr. Atherton asked Jodi if she would be willing, with the support of Joe and I, to set up a support group for those affected by Congenital Melanocytic Naevus. Quick as a flash … without a moment’s hesitation … Jodi said “Yes! Of course I will!” From that simple “Yes” Caring Matters Now was born but as we stepped out of that room neither of us could have foreseen how it would grow and develop from its birth to be where it is today! Little did I realise too that her quick response would result one day in me writing to you all as the newly appointed chair of trustees for Caring Matters Now.

So what can I say… other than it is most humbling and an enormous privilege to be given the opportunity to serve Caring Matters Now in this role and I want to assure you all that I will endeavour to do it conscientiously and with integrity, seeking always to do what will best serve the aims of the charity, all of which are dear to my heart.

Please do contact me if you have anything you wish the trustees to consider or if I can be of help to you in any way regarding CMN.

Best wishes

Val Unsworth