Liverpool to London 25th Anniversary Trek

Back in 1997, Caring Matters Now began with a family who lived in Liverpool, picking up the phone to provide some support other families that had been affected by the same condition that their daughter, Jodi, had been born with; Congenital Melanocytic Naevi. Fast forward 25 years, and the charity has gone from strength to strength, with its own team of researchers, based in Great Ormond Street London, who have found the cause of CMN and are working to find the cure.

To celebrate the journey Caring Matters Now has taken over the past 25 years, we decided to organise a 270 mile trek, all the way from Liverpool, the birthplace of the charity, to London, where the ground breaking research is taking place. It took place during August, and we invited all of our members, families and friends to join us along the way.

Over 13 days, 68 people took part and were led by our amazing trek guide, Steve. Steve, along with all the other participants took on the challenge of trekking and used it as an opportunity to raise funds and awareness of CMN. They battled sore feet, and extra hot temperatures… and all together they raised a FANTASTIC £43,561.10 to go towards furthering the work of Caring Matters Now. THANK YOU!

Take a look at the images from each day of the trek below.


15 Trekkers walked 18 miles on the first day, from Alder Hey Childrens Hospital, over the bridge and finishing at Runcorn Town Hall.


As the hot sun descended on them, our team of four for day 2 trekked another 18 miles from Runcorn all the way to Middlewich.


The weather got hotter and the miles got longer.. well done to our three trekkers on day 3 who managed to take on 21 miles in only 6 hours, from Middlewich to Stoke on Trent.


Another 22 miles completed today by our team of seven from Stoke on Trent all the way to Rugeley. Another day with very hot temperatures. Well done team.


Our team of 6 completed another 19.5 miles today from Rugeley to Tamworth… sore legs and feet all round.


6 more trekkers took on a grueling 21 miles today in the very hot temperatures.. from Tamworth to Bedworth, with lots of creative ways to cool down long the way.


An amazing 22.5 miles in the bag from Bedworth to Daventry taking is over half way to London… credit to our team of two who were both taking on the trek again the next day.


Back at it again, with another team member joining them for day 8… our team of 3 took on a fantastic 18 miles from Daventry to Northampton.


Our team of 4 trekked all the way from Northampton to Bedford with lots of lovely scenery and more fantastic donations from the public.


21 miles in the bag on day 10, for our brilliant team of 3. Walking through the beautiful countryside from Bedford to Hitchin.


Another 20 miles done for our team of 3.. they picked fruit and danced all the way from Hitchin to St Albans.


Another 19 miles in the bag, walking through airfields, golf courses and being greeted by cows in many fields. The team have now made it from St Albans all the way to Enfield.


The final day… 14 miles took us all the way to our final destination. Our team of 19 trekkers completed the final day, arriving at Great Ormond Street in London to be greeted by the Caring Matters Now staff and Professor Veronica Kinsler and the research team.