How we raise our money

The short answer is – we rely on you!

Last year, we were really worried that Dr. Kinsler’s research would stop due to lack of funds. We asked everyone to pitch in and you did!

As a result, we had our best fundraising year yet. Over £44,000 was raised. Later in the financial year came a very generous legacy donation from the Hoar Family and success with grant applications including the Wellcome Trust Grant (Nov09) and Jean for Genes (Nov09).

How we spend our money

This pie chart shows you where we spent our money the past financial year (Apr09-Apr10). Administration and fundraising costs are kept to a minimum – these costs are primarily the fees we need to pay to use ‘Just Giving’ (an online charity fundraising platform and Gift Aid claims process) and to carry out the day to day running of an expanding
charity such as postage, stationery, phone bills, etc.

Thanks to the Wellcome Trust Grant for the CMN Research received at the end of 2009, Caring Matters Now was required to pay a smaller percentage of our funds than originally anticipated to research.

So, the trustees agreed to use some of the funds to develop and produce the age specific support materials, update the medical information booklet/leaflets, strengthen our brand awareness and web presence and increase our branded merchandise. We were able to increase the number of family days across the UK and organise a support network training and information day.

How we spend our money

CMN research and support

Caring Matters Now has contributed over £76,000 towards CMN Research conducted at GOSH. Research costs are approximately £30,000 per annum but increasing each year.

2011 fundraising target – £45,000!!

We’ve set the fundraising target this year at £45,000 which would cover additional research we want to fund for Dr. Kinsler. With 240 families on the register, it amounts to £188 per family. Don’t you think this is achievable?