Hello, my name is Henry. I am 11 years old. I have only known about Caring Matters Now for just over a year, we’ve been to two regional meetings and the Big Weekend 23.  My mum wanted to help me understand, that although my Nan has CMN too, that there are other kids that have CMN and I’m not alone. I found those events really helpful and great fun too.  My birthmark is on my right knee.

When I was younger, I wasn’t worried about my birthmark.  When I changed schools when I was 8, I started to be more self-conscious.  I had one boy say some mean things about it and I kept thinking about what he said for ages.  At that school I had a good group of friends that were always supportive and nice so I’m trying to be better at ignoring any negative things.

I have tried laser treatment to remove / reduce the hair on my knee but I found it painful, so we stopped.  The hospital gave me camouflage cream and powder but it’s a bit of a pain and I’ve not used it many times.

I’ve always enjoyed sports, including football and cricket.  I do worry about changing and especially swimming.  I tend to wear base layers to cover up my CMN, but I would like to be more confident and not care what others say.

I’m starting secondary school this year and I’m very nervous, especially explaining about CMN to new people and changing. I feel the Big Weekend session on “Talking about CMN” helped me a bit. Caring Matters Now has given my mum loads of information that we’ve shared with school, and I’ve met the teachers and I think they will support me.  I’m looking forward to doing the Young Ambassador Programme with Caring Matters Now.