Hello Fresh Support Initiative
Hello Fresh Support Initiative

We have partnered with HelloFresh to launch a new support initiative providing a box of cooking ingredients for 4 meals to members.

This initiative will follow a careful procedure as follows:

  • As a gift to a family with a new-born affected by CMN in the UK, alongside initial consultation with Support Pathway Practitioner.
  • As part of our Young Ambassadors Programme helping teenage members to increase feelings of independence, self-esteem, confidence and social skills.
  • As a gift to a Critical Care family returning home following a hospital stay.
  • To support adult members who have received 1-2-1 support with the Support Pathway Practitioner and are struggling with self-confidence, self- esteem and social skills.

Several boxes have gone out already to our Young Ambassadors who have had fun in the kitchen with their family and friends!

One Teen has said;

“…the food was delicious, and the instructions were easy to follow… to be honest we had so much fun we forgot to take photos!”

Another family referred to their experience together as a “BIG cook off” with their teen concluding,

“I enjoyed cooking the HelloFresh meals, as they were accessible to all cooking abilities despite being fairly complex meal!”

We look forward to seeing how this Support Initiative will develop and to hearing more about the impact it will have on our members.

Hello Fresh Support Initiative
Hello Fresh Support Initiative