Hannah's Coffee Morning

Our family were all away the weekend that Caring Matters Now had their official coffee morning, so we did ours a bit late! As a family we’ve been keen to raise more funds and more awareness, and as we enjoy opening our home up for friends and family we thought a coffee morning was the perfect opportunity! I added a few things into the shopping for a few weeks, stocking up in advance…. But really it didn’t take a lot of preparation at all!

Our friends and family are all very supportive and many baked at home and brought buns along, and two of my friends sent a gorgeous carrot cake and a tin of shortbread in their absence! Caring Matters Now sent some balloons and leaflets, so we decorated the house, put the gazebo up (which blew into the neighbours garden overnight!!) and bought in some polystyrene cups to avoid a mountain of dishes!

It had rained all night but it soon dried up and we were able to use outside as well as our kitchen and living room! We opened the house from 10am- 1pm, and let our friends and family know! People we’d see regularly, as well as people we needed to catch up with too!! It was great fun!

About 30 people visited throughout the morning! Some just popping in, and others staying for a longer stretch of time. The kids loved it! Ari’Ela and Elijah were so exhausted they crawled up to bed half way through!!!

On counting the funds we had raised in and around £260, with money still coming in!! This is definitely a fundraiser we would commit to doing again and it was thoroughly enjoyable!


Hannah's Coffee Morning