The exhibition is in full swing now! We have been overwhelmed with the big response from all those whom so kindly submitted their application to participate in this exciting project.

Caring Matters Now charity is working in partnership with the world-renowned photographer Brock Elbank, who is best known for his recent series ‘Freckles’ which appeared in media outlets worldwide.  As part of the ‘Freckles’ series, Brock photographed a young lady from Barcelona who has CMN (Congenital Melanocytic Naevus) and as a result, Brock Elbank felt compelled to reach out and work in partnership with Caring Matters Now to raise awareness of the condition on a global scale.  You can view a collection of Brock’s images here.

We aim to create a series of stunning and positive images featuring individuals who are affected by CMN.  This series of images will give a clear message to the world; to love the skin you are in!

We want the public to consider their perceptions and views of individuals living with a visual difference. Our aim is the general public will consider the beauty of the individual because of their CMN and not in spite of their CMN.

Over the past 6 months Brock Elbank has selected 26 individuals to be photographed for the CMN exhibition series. The 26 participants represent many countries across the globe, including Australia, America, Italy, Poland, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, France and the UK of course! The majority of participants have been photographed with the remaining few to be photographed before the end of January 2018. Once all participants have been photographed, the 26 images will be produced in preparation for the exhibition, which we plan to launch Spring 2018.

This is a huge project for our small charity and one we are working very hard to get right. So far those that have participated have fed back how uplifting and positive the whole experience has been.

Launch details to come!