Evie’s mum kindly wrote to us to tell us about their experience of attending the 25th anniversary outing to Alton Towers. It is heartwarming to know that both Evie and her family enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other CMN families. We look forward to seeing them at future events.

“Our daughter, Evie, constantly receives a lot of comments on her birthmark when we go out in public. Even a simple trip to the shops can lead to remarks. Recently, she has received some negative comments about her birthmark from the kids in her class. 

These experiences have made Evie nervous and shy in social situations. 

When we arrived at Caring Matters Now’s 25th birthday party at Alton Towers, Evie was very shy and wouldn’t leave my side. Everyone was so welcoming though. After we sat at a table, Hannah came over to talk to us and introduced us to a lovely family who Evie couldn’t wait to sit next to at lunch! 

Evie soon came out of her shell in a way I have not seen except around family or friends! It was our first event and we have never met anyone with a CMN birthmark previously. Evie felt free to be herself in a room full of people just like her. In her words, it was ‘the best day ever!’

Shortly after this event, we went to Butlin’s during half term. It took Evie a while to warm up, but one of the red coats took her under his wing and for the first time she sat down with the other kids to watch the show.

At the end of the show the red coat came over to tell us how amazing Evie was! She had lots of children asking her about her CMN and he was really impressed at how she handled it!! He ended up giving her one of his pin badges which she loved!

I have found our chat with Hannah about how to handle people’s questions really helpful too, recently a lady asked me what Evie’s birthmark was and I used the suggested line of “Evie has a rare skin condition” and it really worked! No follow up questions, and we were on are way!

In the best possible way, Alton Towers was a very emotional day for me. Thank you so much for being so welcoming and making us feel a part of the caring matters now family. You have really helped us a lot and we cannot wait for the next event!”