Claire ByfleetWe first heard about Caring Matters Now through the interview that Jodie Unsworth & Dr. Kinsler did on This Morning and since watching the program we have been in contact with the charity & they have really helped us by showing us that we are not the only ones in a sometimes difficult situation. It also helped when we attended the Cambridge family day as we were able to draw on other peoples experience for support.

Speaking to all of these people & hearing about the work that the charity does inspired us to take part in the research that Dr. Kinsler is doing, but also more importantly made us realise that this research has to be paid for – this is why we decided to hold a charity Salsa night to raise funds for the research.

ClaireWe were donated the hall and the services of the salsa instructor and a few of our friends phoned around & managed to secure some fantastic raffle prizes as well as producing the tickets & posters for the event. We sold tickets for £10 pounds each – with friends and family helping us to sell them, advertising in local pubs & our local news paper, as well as selling raffle tickets for £5 a strip.

Everybody had a great time and we managed to raise £3645.24!