Level 2 of the programme offers the unique opportunity to complete the prestigious Dale Carnegie Course. Designed to equip you with the communication and human relation skills required to be successful in any setting, this world famous programme of self-development helps the leaders of tomorrow leverage their skills so they can strengthen relationships between colleagues, solve problems, create collaborative cultures, boost morale and motivation within teams, and ultimately deliver outstanding results in any area of concentration.

As a charity, are extremely proud of Mia who was presented an award for the ‘Most inspiring talk’ after sharing her story of experiencing mental health problems in previous years and how she overcame it.

Having completed the 3-day intensive course in Manchester last year. Mia shared this reflection on the experience,

One of my ‘take aways’ from the course is the Dale Carnegie principle of smiling, “when you smile, people like you, things are easier, and it shows you are happy to be here!”

If I could pass on any tips for another young person completing the course in the future I would say:

  1. “Be chill”
  2. “Go for it!”
  3. “The bigger you go the more it encourages others to ‘go big’ too!”

Congratulations from all of us at Caring Matters Now for completing the Young Ambassadors Programme and for all your hard work and determination! We trust that the experience gained from our Young Ambassadors Programme will set you up for life in both work and relationships and will set you apart!

For more information about the Young Ambassadors Programme follow this link.