As Caring Matters Now continues to grow from strength to strength, it is vital that we have a strong team of trustees who are dedicated to developing the charity, enabling our members to receive the best possible support.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our most recent trustee to join the team, Andy Selwood. I approached Andy to come on board as a CMN trustee as a result to his recent involvement with the charity through his nephew’s daughter (Lois) who has CMN. Andy undertook the amazing challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for CMN last year and after witnessing Andy’s enthusiasm for the charity, I felt he would be able to bring many strengths to the board of trustees.

Andy’s responsibility as a trustee is to arrange further charity challenges on behalf of CMN which will ultimately enhance the profile and raise much needed funds for CMN research and support.

Andy currently holds a senior management position within a manufacturing environment and can offer organisational structure and project management techniques to ensure that the charity’s future planned challenges run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, therefore maximising fundraising potential.

From Andy

Just a few words to say how honoured I am at becoming part of the CMN family.

For me climbing Mt Kilimanjaro was a life changing experience on many levels. Not only did I discover that the mind is more powerful than my (exhausted!) body, I also discovered that a group of like minded people can make a big, big difference. The enthusiasm and passion from everyone I have met connected with CMN is truly amazing and something that one rarely encounters.

Suffice it to say, I am really looking forward to not only developing future challenges but also working with such committed and dedicated people.