Hello, my name is Luke. I am 21 years old. I have been involved with Caring Matters Now since 9 months old when my parents reached out to try and find information about the birthmark I was birth with on the left side of my face, ear and scalp.

One of my first ever procedures as a young child was tissue expansion. I had two expanders put into my forehead and left cheek to stretch the skin, which would then allow the surgeons to cut the birthmark out and bring the remaining skin together. This procedure removed the birthmark on my face. I then had surgery on my ear too. All in all, I had around 40 operations throughout my childhood.

Sport had always been my escape when I was younger. I especially found that football was my happy place. I played for my local club Newark Town from aged 6 until I got scouted by Nottingham Forest. I was played for the under 9s and 10s before moving to Lincoln city. I was at Lincoln city for 6 years right up until leaving school. I was then offered a 2 year scholarship at Lincoln City, which I jumped at the chance to sign. My dream became a reality and I was playing professional football every day for two years. I now play semi-professionally alongside being an electrician.

Having CMN installs a resilience and determination within. I have carried this throughout my journey and continue to apply this in everyday life. If you want things in life you can achieve it, despite what obstacles you have to overcome.

I am at a stage in my life now where I feel I am comfortable with my skin. This is because of the support my parents received from the charity throughout my life. I have always wanted to give back to Caring Matters Now and this is why I enjoy attending the charity support events each year. I want to show other children that they too can achieve their dreams!