Hannah Bostock – by Mum Diane

Hannah's StoryMy daughter Hannah was born on the 26th January 2001 with multiple extensive CMN (Congenital Melanocytic Naevus) covering approx. 70 – 80% of her body with about 100 – 200 small naevi (satellites).

Hannah was the most precious gift life could give to me. She was a wonderful baby and very contented, as she grew into a beautiful child inside and out.

Hannah loved life; she was always on the go, with lots of energy and effortless fun. Hannah loved to sing and dance, also enjoyed her Brownies and cycling. Hannah was bright, articulate and wise beyond her years. She just had to walk into a room and she would light up everybody’s day. Hannah would get up in the morning and say “When I wake up in the morning the world shines on me!” Hannah was so thoughtful and kind, the welfare of others was very important to her.

During Hannah’s short life she was put forward to the Make a Wish Foundation and it was her wish to write and publish a book for children “Scary but Happy”.

Tragically and devastatingly Hannah’s health deteriorated in the summer of 2010 and she passed away in my arms on the 18th April 2011.

Hannah would not have wanted her life to be defined by her condition. The biggest legacy she can leave is raising awareness, educating and promoting further research into CMN, especially within the medical profession.