Date: Saturday 2nd November 2023
Time: 2pm
Location: Boom Battle Bar, Birmingham

Our Adult Contact Team will be hosting this year’s adult gathering on Saturday 2nd November, at Boom Battle Bar, Birmingham. We have moved our event further north, this year to be accessible to more members! Boom Battle Bar is a competitive venue, offering lots of fun activities to participate in as a team. Whether you are likely to be first in line or prefer to sit back and watch an evening unfold,  we are excited to invite all adult members to this event.

Booking will close on Thursday 17th October to allow Caring Matters Now to book and pre-pay for the tickets.

Adults Gathering

Caring Matters Now covers the cost of ticketed venues for adult with CMN. If this is your first event, we will cover the cost of a close friend or partner. Please reach out if you would like to bring a ‘plus one’ for support. 

As a charity we have a responsibility to manage our finances responsibly, therefore it is important that members who register intend to come along on the day and if they cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances that they let us know in good time so that we can adjust the booking to avoid losing money. 

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    Caring Matters Now will cover the cost of ticketed venues for an adult with CMN and a companion if it is your first support event. Should you wish to bring someone along to your first event for support, please select below, and we will contact you for their details.

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