Toni and Den at ‘Slambassador’

Toni and Den at ‘Slambassador’ are well known in the VW world for being one of the leading companies when it comes to ‘slamming’ your camper van! Along with their son Harry who has CMN, Toni and Den decided to raise funds for Caring Matters Now by building, ‘slamming’ and raffling a T4 camper van at @camperjamvw weekend in Shropshire.

Together with their friends and family they sold thousands raffle tickets over the course of the weekend raising an incredible £12,427.72! A gentlemen in the crowd won the T4 on the day and was in total shock – not bad for a £3 ticket eh!

Huge thank you to Toni, Den, Harry and all your family and friends for raising such a fantastic amount of money. To put your time, products and lots of effort into something like this is hugely inspirational.