Joshua's Story

Hello, my name is Joshua, I am 12 years old, and I was born with Congenital Melanocytic Naevi (CMN) covering 40% of my trunk and I have over 40 satellites throughout my entire body. I am so excited and honoured to be a Young Ambassador for Caring Matters Now.

As you can only imagine my parents was completely shocked when I was born to see a gigantic birthmark on my stomach. We were very fortunate that the hospital I was born in had a doctor that recognised what my condition could possibly be and in only a matter of weeks I was seen by Dr Kinsler at Great Ormond Street who confirmed that my condition was in fact CMN. This appointment was closely followed by MRI scans on my brain and spine.

I grew up being told it was “my kiss from god” and I felt unique albeit shy when changing in front of any peering eyes.
My infant, primary and senior school friends have never made me feel uncomfortable or bad that I have something that makes me different from others. When I am ever asked, I simply answer “it’s my birthmark”.
I absolutely love playing sports, especially football and cricket and staying as active as I can. Being at my new senior school this year has really allowed me to try so many new sports and clubs and have become my class Diversity Ambassador which as you can imagine having CMN I’m pretty diverse!

My parents have always encouraged me to be loud and proud of the fact I have my birthmark and wanted to share to others that may feel shy, embarrassed, or uncomfortable – that MY WORLD has been kind and hopefully I can inspire positivity towards you being part of this very unique club that we are all in together.

🌎 Josh x

Joshua's Story