We are very pleased to announce that Caring Matters Now has been awarded a £4,000 grant from Jeans for Genes — a national children’s charity which raises money for the care of children with genetic disorders. In return for the grant, we need to raise awareness about Jeans for Genes Day and motivate the public to raise money for this campaign. We would like to show Jeans for Genes that CMN families have what it takes — we need volunteers!

  • Organise a Jeans for Genes Day at your school or work
  • Volunteer at J4G events (e.g. Shopping Mall events or take part in a sponsored run/walk
  • Help us with media interviews and publicity – such as Catherine and Luca

Check out the website to see what you can do to help

Let’s take advantage of this wonderful opportunity — by partnering with this well-recognised children’s charity, our participation in this year’s Jeans for Genes campaign has the potential to go a long way in raising national awareness about CMN and the issues faced by those affected by CMN. So please mark your calendars and join us in supporting Jeans for Genes Day, October 7th 2011.

Jeans for Genes Awards GrantThe money Jeans for Genes have so kindly given us, will be used in conjunction with our proposed family activity weekend on 1st-3rd July. It will fund those with CMN to attend and reduce the cost of attendance for the rest of the family. This dedicated weekend could potentially make a huge difference to a child’s self esteem and confidence in dealing with his/her visible difference. The activities planned will allow the children to bond without concerns about their condition and in many cases, long term friendships could develop and flourish.

Being able to talk to someone who may have or is experiencing the same difficulties with disfigurement has huge benefits and could help prevent the feeling of isolation.

This weekend in July will allow Caring Matters Now the opportunity to present medical professionals to our families. Having a small team of professionals on hand would allow parents and children the chance to learn how best to deal with this rare condition and put in place coping skills and strategies. We want to be able to help those affected by CMN deal with these common feelings of isolation.

You can read all about how the Family Activity Weekend in July went by clicking here.