This Friday our three brave and rather crazy challengers are departing for the ultimate challenge; Stok Kangri Summit Trek, reaching 6,114 metres – which is 219 metres HIGHER than Mount Kilimanjaro!

Meet the men taking on this tough challenge…..


Inspired by his son James who was born with CMN, Nick achieved his goal of summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in 2011 & Mt Cayambe, Avenue of Volcanoes in 2015 in aid of Caring Matters Now! As if that wasn’t enough, he is back for more to support Caring Matters Now.

This will be my third extreme challenge to raise money for Caring Matters Now as part of the 7 Challenges on 7 Continents. I completed Kilimanjaro in 2012 and the Avenue of the Volcanoes and Summit of Mt Cayambe in 2015. 

I am under no illusions that this will be the hardest of the lot thus far and being a few years older makes it even more challenging. 

My motivation for doing this is simple. My amazing son James was born in 2006 with CMN Syndrome and I want to do all I possibly can to support this wonderful charity and help fund the vital research that will identify a cure and treatments for CMN. 

(My just giving page contains a bit more about some of the other events I have done in the build-up to this).

We asked Nick a few questions about the challenge, this is what he had to say;

What is your biggest worry about the trip? 
My biggest fear about the challenge is simply not completing it. But I have never failed at something I have set out to do, so am not about to start now. I strongly believe that challenges like this are as much about mental strength as physical strength and the ability to keep going when things get tough. 

What will you be thinking of on the toughest days? 

On the toughest days I will think about my son and not letting him down. James has never let his CMN stop him doing anything in life. At the age of 12 he has already climbed the 3 highest peaks in the UK with me, is a really good swimmer, skier, tennis player and is soon going for his black belt in Karate. (He is also pretty proficient on an Xbox….surprise surprise). So, with that kind of example what excuse could I possibly have for not taking a walk up a little hill.

What piece of kit/item will you be taking that you can’t be without and why?
The one bit of kit I could not do without is simple. Although it’s more of an item than a bit of kit. When I did Kili in 2012 Jodi and the rest of the team will remember that as I was setting off James gave me his Star Wars “Yoda” toy to take with me. When I asked him why he said “to take care of you and show you the way home Dad”!! 

Needless to say, Yoda has done every summit with me since and will be on the team again in the Himalayas although fortunately he doesn’t snore like Phil and Norm.


A work colleague of Phil’s, Norman was introduced to our charity and this challenge and with a love of hill walking a son who was born with a birthmark, Norman chose to support Caring Matters Now and take on this tough challenge.

Norman Davies construction H&S manager across the range of the industry helping to keep our folks and all we affect as safe as reasonably practical. I keep bees and presently tender to 25 hives dotted around friends and family premises & work weekends on the family small holding and deputy sheepherding 120 Texel cross ewes. I enjoy a bit of hill walking and archery when time allows.

I got involved as my youngest son was born with a large mark across the centre of his chest which was removed by operation while he was a babe. He is now a sporty 5’-10” practicing physiotherapy.

My friend Phil knew I had trekked up Kilimanjaro for our local hospice in 2007 and spotted a similarity in liking high places for people who are not climbers! So, he approached me about this challenge and let’s face it, it’s the Himalayas and probably my last chance to go high on these legs so, I thought, why not!

What is your biggest worry about the trip? 
My knees!

What will you be thinking of on the toughest days? 

Family friends and supporters and Merlin the Ginger Tom!

What piece of kit/item will you be taking that you can’t be without and why?
My boots and poles, I won’t get there or back without them.


Inspired by his son Callum who has CMN, Phil is now on his second CMN Challenge having successfully completed the Avenue of Volcanoes in 2015.

I want to ensure that anyone who has a child with CMN gets the support, care and information they need. To do this the charity needs more funds to further research and maintain the support for all those affected by CMN; that’s where I come in. I am not an athlete; I spend most of my day sat behind a desk or in my car. This challenge has required dedication and determination on my part to get fit and ready to do this. But I’m ready!

What is your biggest worry about the trip? 
My biggest worry before we go is gaining enough sponsorship. My
biggest worry on the trip is being a ‘little’ bit out of my comfort zone.

What will you be thinking of on the toughest days? 

Thoughts on toughest day – my son Callum and not wanting to let either myself or anyone else down.

What piece of kit/item will you be taking that you can’t be without and why?
Can I have two pieces of kit? My iPhone with different ways to communicate (when it works) and my camera as there’s always a moment to capture. Oh, plus my 15 year old leatherman which has got me out of a few scrapes and has a handy bottle opener for an after event cider or two! So, three pieces of kit!

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