I’m Volunteering at the Gaming Initiative for my Duke of Edinburgh Award!

My brother has CMN on his back, we have attended multiple Caring Matters Now events before.

Having a sibling with a difference has taught me to accept others who have differences. I like that we get to meet new people through the charity & we get to go to fun places.

With my DofE, I have to attend an Expedition, learn a skill over 12 months (I am learning the Piano), I have to do 3 months of Physical and 6 months of volunteering.

I asked CMN if there might be an opportunity to volunteer through the charity as I attended (with Oliver) the first gaming event in 2021, they had said they hadn’t got a regular person to help run it and with my gaming knowledge thought I could offer support through my DofE.

On my first gaming event it went well and ran smoothly. I really enjoyed it and I asked others that attended what games they’d like to play in future events so we can keep everyone involved.

My DofE runs for 6 months with the charity at which point there might be another member who would like to do the same, it’s a fantastic opportunity that I’ve been given and I hope many others take it up too.

In this time I’d like to develop my interaction skills. I will also have to use my time management and organisational skills to optimise my involvement.

I look forward to speaking to you if you join this gaming community!

Written by Joshua