You may remember this News Article we published from Ella Guest, Senior Research Fellow based at the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR), in August 2021. The paper that Dr Ella Guest wrote as her doctoral thesis, based on this work, has now been published in the journal Body Image.

The paper concludes In summary, this photo-elicitation study has provided an insight into the experience of four adolescents who identify as having positively adjusted to CMN. It provides a novel contribution to the literature by focussing on adjustment from the perspective of young people themselves. The findings illustrate the importance of acceptance, social support, and coping skills in adjustment, but also highlight the individual and varied adjustment pathway. The findings suggest adjustment should be considered as a dynamic process and potential protective factors such as positive body image should be further explored.”

As a charity, we are so thankful for our partnership with CAR and for the research they commit to which is so generously funded by the VCTC Foundation. This work raises the profile of CMN and provides an evidence base for the development of support interventions which will benefit our members!